Laser Edge Technology

Συγκολληση τεχνολογιας Laser

Laser Edge Technology

In the future, the company aims to continue its investments in people and technological equipment with the same intensity, in order to always stay one step ahead of the market needs and to provide support to the professionals, by showing the same responsibility and consistency, at all times.

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We continue setting high our quality standards every day!

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  • Laminate was first introduced to us as a material at the end of 1940s replacing wood or stone surfaces. In recent years, things have been improved! Today’s Laminates are technologically and qualitatively much more superior than...

  • Consider 2020 as the year…of Kitchen! Although an all-time-classic white kitchen will probably never go out of style, there are many new trends that will definitely put you in a design quandary for that specific place of your house: natural elements with touches of colour on countertops, cabinets and shelves or materials such as tile and cement are innovative renewal solutions without exceeding the cost!...

  • Glass surfaces are the epitome of elegance in interior architecture. Glass gives a light, modern and bright look in every space and especially in the kitchen. However, the real glass is a very demanding and sensitive material in terms of durability and cleaning. Combining the......

  • The SICAM international exhibition had its fourth convention this year based on the furniture industry, the furniture materials, the semi-finished products and equipment so the Praxitelis Company could definitely not be missing. Our goal is to always be one-step ahead of the needs and the......