Praxitelis SA|Sustainable development



Praxitelis SA is true to its values which make it one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen doors, furniture and countertops.
The company plans its journey into the future strategically, taking steady, targeted steps.


  • Cooperation and an excellent working atmosphere
  • Keeping to our values : ethical business practices, reliability, transparency and consistency
  • A customer-centered culture and mindset
  • Equality among our employees
  • Respect towards diversity
  • Developing our workers’ professional and communication skills
  • Protecting our workers’ health and safety
  • Creating new jobs
  • Investment in staff training
  • Adopting risk reduction policies in the workplace
  • Reducing energy consumption in our premises

Social contribution

  • Contributing to society with voluntary projects
  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Donating products to socially vulnerable groups
  • Contributing logistical equipment in emergencies such as after natural disasters
  • Providing job opportunities that are available exclusively to local communities

Environmental Protection

  • Intervening in energy use to reduce energy consumption in the production process
  • Using materials and raw materials that meet environmental protection standards
  • Programme for recycling materials
  • Programme to install LED lighting

Culture, education and sport

  • Plan for participating in research projects to increase understanding of the sociology of everyday domestic habits
  • Training programmes for our staff

Policy of developing relationships with partners and customers

  • Strategic communications plan
  • Policy for problem-solving
  • Developing technologies to manage requests
  • Prompt service
  • Reviewing requests
  • Monitoring the level of service quality
  • System for requests and suggestions

ISO 9001

  • ISO 9001

Praxitelis SA holds the internationally recognised quality management certificate ISO 9001 from TUV Hellas.

In compliance with the ISO 9001 certificate, the company shows in practice the extremely high level of products and services it offers to its partners and customers.

Praxitelis SA|Sustainable development

Consistency, reliability, ethics, transparency and honesty are the key ingredients of our success.

Praxitelis SA|Sustainable development

Our journey towards the future is based on the principles and values of the people who created Praxitelis SA.

Praxitelis SA|Sustainable development

Innovation, sustainable development, continuous improvement, social responsibility and the evolution of our services and products are the guarantee and the promise that underpin our contribution to a better optimistic, bright and creative tomorrow.

We would like to thank our staff and all our partners.

Our staff are, and will always be, our most important
and significant investment.